Website Solutions

Our fully-integrated content management platforms allow you to customize content on demand

Complete Packages

Our ready-made website products are complete packages. They come as design layouts along with content management software. So you can replace the pictures, backgrounds, text, with our easy-to-use friendly software at any time.


Our price includes the initial changing of the example websites with your content- so your website is up and running, with help from us.

A word from the founder:

When working with a client who approached us to build a website, I learned that they had tried multiple online website builders and did not get the desired outcome. In the process, they had spent massive amount of time and effort to build a professional website with acceptable performance. They finally came to us to build their site.

It is at that point I realized that business owners should be able to focus on their core business and not have to spend their time building websites. This inspired us to build a simple and affordable website products that can meet the needs of most businesses. We focused on design and performance.

We also built a sleek content management system that businesses can use to customize content as and when needed. Choose from multiple options that suit your line of business and launch your website instantly.

Here are some of the features that make our websites so smart and so beautiful:

Designed for all devices

We design responsive sites, i.e. they work perfectly on desktop monitors, hand held tablets, and mobile phones.

Reliable Hosting

All of our websites are hosted on Amazon AWS, so count on 99.99% monthly uptime.

Speedier builds

Reduced website build times by more than 75% when compared to WordPress

Better SEO

We'll get your website Google ready with customized SEO. That way, more customers can find you fast.

Product Gallery

Display products with an extensive set of filters. Such as price, color, size, model, manufacturer, availability, shipping, etc., with full customization per product category.

Beautiful Forms

We use a powerful form builder to quickly build beautiful forms: Collect one-time or recurring payments. Sell simple products. Perform advanced calculations (such as pricing calculations). Conditional logic to only the relevant fields. Book appointments

Shape Widget

With an ever growing need to stand out in a crowd, we have a new feature: Shape Widgets. Rather then encompass an image (such as a profile photo) in a rectangle or circle, our shape widget allows us to create any shape (a heart, a pear, etc).

Multi-Language Websites

Reach a larger audience. For each website we build for you, we can create a duplicate version to host the traslation.


We've got powerful animations! In addition to both Entrance and Scroll animations, we have powerful animation customizations so you can control how long the animation lasts, how intense it is and more. All of this gives you the flexibility to create fabulous animations on your sites.

Integrated Content Management System

With a fully-integrated CMS, you can customize your site's text and images on demand.

Dynamic Data

Connect with 1000's of live data API's to empower your site. Data such as stock market data, weather data, sports data, news feeds, travel data, entertainment data, and so on.

User Engagement

Boost engagement with your users, provide customized experiences triggered by date, time, and visitor location.

Sell Online

Get ready to move more eCommerce. We provide full fledged e-commerce capabilities. Whether you sell a single or hundreds of thousands of products. Including complex delivery and shipping options, sales tax calculations etc.

Editing on the Go

Once your site is up and running, you can edit it anytime, anywhere, even from your mobile device.

Extensive Design Elements

Flexible Navigation, Huge Font Selection Library, Normal or Shrinking Header Styles, Engaging Backgrounds, Customize images and videos with color overlays, Flat UI Design, Image Optimization, Video Backgrounds, Photo Galleries, Image Siders, Background Sliders

Millions of Free & Premium Images

We have access to millions of free and premium images that we can use on your website.

Dynamic Personalization

Drive more conversions and sales with website personalization.

Activity Log

Glance at an activity log for insight into what changes have occured on your web pages.

Use any of our rich set of designs & layouts