Trading & Financial Applications

With extensive experience in futures, options, stocks & commodities trading, we can build your applications faster

financial programming

Core Competencies

Build custom trading applications for trading, clearing firms, market makers, professional traders CTA's, financial advisors. Real-time order entry, market data feeds, trading strategies, trade alerts, back office processing, analysis & reporting. Develop commercial trading software.

Financial Advisors

Tracking and keeping in touch with clients, automating correspondence, reminder systems, automated alerts, instant messaging. Build a following.

Apps, Widgets, Calculators, Stock Screening Tools, Trading Tools, Calendars, Spread Trading Tools, Analysis

Attract more business by providing customized, friendly tools to your clients to trade with. We can program customized analytics, signals, charting, data, history, reports, watchlists, trends, monitor market movements. Connect with financial API's to get market data.

Web Applications

Extensive experience in building both essential and critical applications to manage and automate business operations

Don’t let your business strugle slow down due to the lack of resources. We can help you maintain business continuity, generate demand and meet or even exceed your revenue targets. Automation, Access and Flow of information is key to any business in this connected age.


Big restaurant chains have quickly pivoted their business models to accommodate the needs of the time by providing contactless delivery and curb side pickups.

They already had systems in place as well as huge technology budgets to meet the new surge in demand.

To keep up with this, small restaurants have to go to services like Uber Eats, DoorDash but have to pay hefty commissions.

We have help you beat this challenge at a fraction of a price but implementing an efficient curb side pickup. We provide the technology as well as business process guidance to achieve success.


Similar to the restaurants, the big retailers have quickly adopted the online model. We can help small retailers, at a fraction of a cost to implement online presence and keep up with the online demand. We provide the technology at a small monthly fee.

custom field service software

Field Service Management

Make your business more agile and efficient.

Field agents software provides technicians and remote workers to submit information while working in the field.

This information could include documents, photographs, completed forms, location tracking, or any other aspect of the business that is carried out in the field.

Doctor’s offices

You don’t need to have patients in the waiting room.

We have a perfect solution for managing patients check in and waitlisting. Patients can check in for their appointments from their phones upon arrival at your location and wait in the car until they receive the notification when you are ready to see them.

This will help manage the occupancy in the waiting room for safe social distancing.

doctor office software

New Ideas & New Products

Extensive experience planning, managing, deploying, maintaining and executing new software projects or products

We bring your business ideas to life. We begin by understanding your concept. With design thinking, we are able develop the technology to empower your business plan and execution.

software for new ventures