A Case Tracking System no UK company in financial services can to afford to be without.......

BTS: A Business Tracking System from Programming Minds

So what is BTS?

It is exactly what the letters stand for: a Business Tracking System.

Track each case from start to finish, using BTS. It keeps you in charge of your cases and puts you ahead in client management. Don’t let your business get you down. Stay on top of your business.

Let us start with you meeting a new client.

Now take the case from start to finish:

From the first meeting with the client, to receiving a letter of authority (LOA) from the client to gather information, writing to various providers of the client’s existing policies, from receiving all the information, to the next step of analysing the data, meeting the client, reviewing information, setting up policy applications for the client, to processing it and eventually getting a policy issued for the clients, you can track the whole process, date wise and see exactly where you are with each client, irrespective of the number of clients.


On each occasion that you or your staff do something for a client, the system allows you to make an entry.

You can then set a task of what is required to be done next and who by. You can set a task for yourself, or for your staff. The system automatically allows you to send a reminder to your Outlook calendar, or that of your staff and it creates an entry on that date that you ned to do something for that client.

Have you ever had a situation where a client has had to phone you to remind you that you were supposed to be doing something for that client? The BTS stops that from happening. Even if you miss it, or your staff miss it, the system puts an entry into a ‘reminders dashboard’, ensuring no case is ever forgotten. It allows you to be on top of each and every case.


Task management for staff

The BTS allows tasks to be sorted by staff names, and dates a task is supposed to be done. So each staff member knows exactly what tasks they have for the day for each client, and who is doing what.



As the Principal of your business, you want to know exactly what is going on in your Practice, who is doing what. The BTS allows you to create reports: these give you accurate up to date information on precisely where the whole of your Practice is with every client, from the volume of business coming in to which of your team are doing work and who are not.


Store your important documents where you can find them immediately when you need them.

Have you ever needed a document urgently and then wasted time trying to find it? Imagine wanting to speak with a pension povider for a client’s policy and then discovering you cannot find the client’s letter of authority to enable you to get that information. The BTS allows you to store important documents right on the tracking system. Now you have got them exactly when you need them.

Secure end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliant.

The BTS is GDPR compliant. It is hosted on Microsoft Azure ®. Client data is encrypted at source in the browser, encrypted during SSL communication to the server, and then again encrypted when stored on the server. Client documents are encrypted during SSL communication and again encrypted when stored on the server.

Why should you use BTS?

The BTS has been created specially for UK financial Advisers, because of the need expressed by financial Advisers. Spreadsheets are an historical dinosaur. If you want fast, efficient, an up to date position of exactly where you are with a client, you cannot afford to be without a system which gives you a competitive edge. It makes you look good with your clients, you and your staff know precisely where you are, at the touch of a button, even if you are dealing with hundreds of clients. In a digital world, the question is can you afford to lag behind in technology? The BTS gives you a software which is easy to use and for which your staff and others associated with your business will be grateful.


The BTS is available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Contact us today by email on rajan@programming-minds.com so we can see how we can put together a package for you that suits your business and is perect for your requirements.

From one of our clients:

This is a true case of what really happened to one financial adviser in the UK in 2020.

These are his own words.

“It was early March 2020. I was, as usual, extremely busy with managing my clients and my financial services company. We are a team of highly experienced advisers, all regulated by the FCA and we provide advice to our clients. In addition, we have highly skilled back office support staff who ensure all the administration tasks are carried out efficiently. Covid was very much in the news, Italy was going through severe problems and starting to go into lockdown. Little did I know what was about to hit me in the UK.

I contracted the virus inadvertently. The UK lockdown announcement was still a week away, restaurants and theatres in London were still open. I had dinner with a very good friend. He did not know he was carrying the virus.

The fever started ten days later. The next few weeks were terrible. I did not know whether I would come out of it alive.

It took six weeks to start feeling human again. I spent all the time in bed, doing no work at all. My team coped magnificently. After six weeks I started to work again. With a laptop, propped up in bed, I was able to see what my company and my team were doing. I had been very fortunate. Six months previously I had the BTS software installed on my PC and laptop, as well as the PCs and laptop of all my team. All my financial Advisers were using it as also my administration staff. Each client and what we were doing for the client, was on the tracking system. Sitting in bed, I could see precisely what was going on in my business. I could see new cases being written for clients, I could see how cases were progressing, from bed I could see what my staff were doing to progress a case from start to finish.

The world of financial services is pretty intense; you make a wrong move, you delay a client’s investment from going through even by a day, and it could have an adverse impact on the client’s investment values.

What I was grateful for was the fact that I could watch and observe my business and see what was happening on a daily basis, hour by hour, minute by minute, without leaving my bedroom. I am not very keen on micro management, but the BTS software on my laptop allowed me to keep an eye on my business to the extent I wanted. There are no spreadsheets to fiddle with, all information is beautifully and immediately available by simply pressing the right keys. A year later, despite ill health and continuing lockdowns, my business continues to be extremely efficient, because of the attention to detail. Clients can see we are looking after them and I can track, using the BTS software, exactly what is going on with each case: when did a client give us a letter of authority to do something, when did the information come in, when did we see the client, what did we do for the clients, when did the funds arrive, when did we issue the client’s policy.

I and my company would not be where we are today if it were not for the BTS software we are using. It tells all my team precisely how we are looking after our clients and are we giving our clients exactly what they need as efficiently as possible. Is that not what a good financial services business should be all about?

I am grateful to Programming Minds, Inc. for creating a program that keeps me on top of all my cases and tracks each case from start to finish.”