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At Programming Minds we value team work. Our customers along with our team members are our most valuable assets.


  • Top Talent – We hire the best expertise to suit the project needs
  • Attention to detail – Each aspect of the software solution is designed with the business objectives in mind.
  • Our Culture – At programming minds, every team member takes pride in their work making sure the customer needs are fulfilled.
  • Respect – Respect for our customers as well as respect for each other is at the heart of the company culture.
  • Collaboration – We work closely with you to ensure transparent communication.

Our Motto: Commitment to quality, flawless execution and on-time delivery means happy customers, one project at a time.


Rajan Mirchandani, CEO Programming Minds Inc.

  • B.E. Electrical Engineering, Mumbai University, India
  • Master's in Computer Science, Illiniois Institure of Technology, Chicago, USA
  • Registered Principal, National Futures Association (NFA) 1998 - 2007


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Financial Advisors

Software Package to track clients, deadlines for receipt, verification, submission of financial documents, follow ups, setup meeting reminders, and follow-up time lines. (McMillan Wealth Consultants - Advisers, St. James's Place, UK).

Traders, Clearing Firms, Commodity Trading Advisors, Introducing Brokers

Developed Futures and Options software for Blair Hull Trading Company ("Market Wizards"), Lewis Borselino ('The Day Trader'), Anthony Saliba ('Managing Expectations'), Rosenthall Collins Group (Professional Services Division), Robbins Trading Company, SecuriTrade Stock Trading, Institutional Advisory Services Group (IASG), several CTA's and other trading companies.

Website Content Management Systems

Developed website CMS systems for numerous clients - customized for each specific website and industry. AUtomated back-office handling of transactions and business work flow. A sample of industries: Food & Bevarages, Electronic parts, Restaurants, Distribution Companies - Italian Foods, Pet Foods, Wine.


Developed WordPress websites for many clients. Developed a custom WordPress Plugin - accepted by, downloadable from the official WordPress website.

Software Distribution

Developed hard software distribution media, duplication and distribution of software and data on CD-ROMS, along with packaging design, graphics, and production.


Developed a commercial product, that used compression and indexing algorithms for performing textual searches on files to locate them [ZyIndex (tm)].

An avalance of software projects

Too many to list here, projects involving embedded programming (using C, PLZ & Assembly Language), Communications (TCP/IP/IPX), controlling physical devices (magenetic card readers, magnetic reel and cartridge tapes)

Construction Industry - Field Reporting, Cost Estimation, Subcontractor interfacing, Invoicing & Billing

Developed a platform for work flow automation of California State bid-awarded, as well as private company construction projects: Field reporting, Estimation, Billing, Sub-contactor portal, and Reporting (Dynasel USA, Santa Clara).

Online Shopping & eCommerce

Developed numerous shopping websites, customizing user experiences, product selection, payment processing, shipping options, inventory monitoring, reporting, etc.

Business Applications

Many business tools and applications developed. An example: Developed the complete attorney billing system for a large law firm with over 1000 lawyers (Mayer Brown & Platt, Chicago, USA.)

Data Mining

Discovering patterns in large data, combined with analytics and visualization tools has enabled us to provide valuable decision making information to our clients- whether it be performed on stock market data, or consumer shopping data.

Project Management

We follow up-to-date project management methodologies. We develop a crystal clear SOW (Statement of Work), list of Deliverables, MIlestones, Acceptance criteria, Change control, and manage projects with Agile methodologies.

Communications & Protocols

Developed networking protocol gateways for a software product company.

Data Conversion Systems

Developed software to convert data streams for compatability, compression, encryption and reliability.

Embedded Software

Developed embedded software for communication black-boxes dealing with real-time compression, and transformation of data.


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