Well Rounded Experience

We know how to
build a SAAS model for you


Simplify customer acquisition by charging a small subscription fee instead of a large upfront fee for your service offerings

Stunning Designs

... with even more stunning user interfaces and user interaction


Make your software have a good look and feel

Attractive user interfaces and designs that will make your software stand out from the rest.


What does it take to be noticed?

Crisp, clear screens with ease of navigation.

Our strength lies in timely and orderly project execution

Agile is Our Way

We follow the principles of Agile Project Management:

  • Break the requirements into smaller chunks prioritize.
  • Build minimum viable product (MVP) and deploy.
  • Iterate to add features.
  • Track progress.
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We don't just deliver code. We deliver a business solution.

That’s because we take the time to understand your business objectives and requirements not just your technical needs.

Today's customers have power. Customers have options to choose from at their fingertips. This is why it is so important to provide exceptional experience and make them want to continue to give you their business. An important part of creating a great customer experience is understanding the entire journey a customer takes on your website or in your application. Every touch point you have with the customer needs to be focused on, to ensure a positive experience.

We're constantly at the cutting edge of technology

Tools of Our Trade

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Programming Languages

We work primarily with 6 languages: Javascript, PHP, C# (CSharpe), C++ (CPlusPlus), Python and C. Each language has its own standing depending on the application at hand. Javascript works inside the browser, and creates the user experience you see. It is also used in server programming in a framework called "Node JS". We use CSharp and C++ in applications that require processing data on a server - such as generating account statements, overnight financial reports, analysing large volumes of data, indexing textual data for faster searches, among other things. We use C in applications, typically where the software required to be "close" to hardware on which it can operate directly.


For front end programming, we use Bootstrap, ReactJS, Angular JS Vue and jQuery. They form an essential part of our programming expertise. They help produce a clean, modern, friendly, sleek user interface and user interaction. For server side programming we use either Node JS (used by AirNbB, Netflix, NASA and other ultra modern websites), or traditional "Apache" web server technology.

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Hosting Services

Though hosting services are provided by an inummerable number of companies world-wide, we must point out that we have a vast amount of experience in certain cloud-based hosting platforms. These are Heroku (cloud platform owned by Salesforce.com), Azure (Microsoft's could platform) and AWS (Amazon Web Services cloud platform). When speed is of utmost importance, such as in live financial or trading applications, we use dedicated servers. And for most traditional websites, depending on the traffic we use either Virtual Servers or Shared Servers.

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Perfection in database design is a key factor in the immediate success and longevity of a project. We use MySQL (Oracle) or MongoDB depending on the application at hand. Occasionally, we use Microsoft's SQL server for projects if they have been already built around the Microsoft platform.

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API Connections

API Connections allow us to connect to other external internet accessible software or websites, to either send information to it, or receive information from it. Examples of software services whose REST API's we have worked with are: Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Calendar, Intuit / Quickbooks Online, Xignite Stock market feeds, Building construction data, Mail Chimp emailing.

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Basic Standards and Technologies

We work with the latest standards in technology. Currently for the internet these are: HTML5, CSS3,